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    Home Buyers

    There is more to buy a home than finding the right property

    If you consider buying, I will assist you in doing the following:

    • Conduct an interview to determine your needs and priorities.
    • Help you establish a timetable and find out if now is the right time for you to buy.
    • Discuss your financial picture and advise you regarding:

    Various forms of financing that are available to you.

    How to proceed if you have had credit problems in the past.

    The possibilities of purchasing with a minimal cash investment.

    Your home investment in relation to your total financial picture.

    • Give you an accurate estimate of the total cash required to purchase a home.
    • Give you an accurate estimate of your total monthly payments based on your desired price range.
    • If necessary, arrange an interview with a lender to pre-qualify you for a loan before making an offer.
    • Help you get the best interest rate on your loan.
    • Give you all pertinent information regarding any neighborhood which you are considering.
    • Show you how to find the best buy in any neighborhood of your choice.
    • Show you any property presently on the marketplace, regardless of which real estate company has It listed or advertised.
    • Located properties not yet on the open market in your chosen neighborhoods.
    • Write and explain purchase documents and all required disclosures before you make your final decision.
    • Negotiate the transaction on your behalf.
    • Be with you every step of the way throughout the closing process.

    How much Can I afford?

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